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The youngest district of Tehran is dreaming big. Land is divided to enormous pieces to rest “the most”.
these huge pieces block out the constant flow of city and border themselves in, making it impossible for
people to interact and communicate. Here, the city is reduced a network of paths connecting destinations.
The path network that could foster vitality in city is dedicated wholly to transportation means
by hyper-scale borders.
Using facilities in district is based on cars because of its growth in length and long distance between
programs, which provides context for our concept (car as living machine) and in addition, matter of facades
collage which form based on people character.

Master plan

colored places are empty land where our project plugs-in. tranplanting empty spaces to flow of city
and bringing neighborhood life

In Iran most of facades are built induvial than other parts of building. Passing along one street, different types of façade can be seen, from ancient roman style with stone to modern facades with glass. City looks like one nonsensical big collage.
Project criticizes this matter, where function of facades is reduced to like one decorative big billboard
that according to taste of people it sticks to structure to cover what is happening behind curtains!

Diagram of fake facades that cover blocks

Diagram of Building core and plumbing

Diagram of Light posts and cables wich hold cells

Cells and their aggregation

Concept model of projects based on facades and cells

Graduate thesis professor:

Shadi Azizi

Shadi Azizi

Co-founder,vice chairman and head of urban design at NEGIN SHAHR AYANDEH

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