It thrusts sharply into space on all sides; it contains layers and strata, diametrical opposites thoroughly intertwined, held in a state of tension and drawn into the tightly knit complex of components, which cut across, embrace, support and resist each other.
Precipices, intersections and collisions, crashing through all the barriers of the familiar and the static.
We couldn’t introduce our project better than Ernst Kallai as he describes the proun of El lissitzky:
” As we thought about how we could unfix the viewers from stable position and screw them into space, detached from body and making them to circle around, looking at it from all sides to extend the proun ideal from the individual work to the scene itself.
Where we reach non gravitational world, where we have spatial freedom. ” 

Creating more complex form using patterns

Project was used to be extension between two museums of ancient Iran and Islamic era.

Co-operation with:

Saleh Hariri

Saleh Hariri

Graduated from Caai school, designer in Marz studio

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