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District 22, in [ex] tra I


In [ex] tra I

The youngest district of Tehran is dreaming big. Land is divided to enormous pieces to rest “the most” s. these huge pieces block out the constant flow of city and border themselves in, making it impossible for people to interact and communicate. Here, the city is reduced a network of paths connecting destinations. The path network that could foster vitality in city is dedicated wholly to transportation means by hyper-scale borders.

In this district we are faced with two realm of habitation, internal and external. lack of balance between these two scales is causing problems. In[Ex]tra plugin is an attempt to make a connection between the two layer of habitation.

Sheer borders that were made in district was making different qualities in each side of it, like highways, …

How we see district 22 to have more dialogue with its own zone and have more interaction, merging super zones into each other.

Co-operation with:

Farshad Nasiri

Farshad Nasiri

Designer at Marz studio, Graduated from CAAI school


Hooman Talebi

Hooman Talebi

Principal at MARZ Architecture, Academic Director at CAA School of Architecture

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