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plug in system; from 2D to 3D

Imagine how the structure of grid can be changed and turned from passive behavior to active one.

We tried to think about another system that could be inserted into our passive grid and make influence.

How these two systems would work and embrace each other.

I thought about system that could drew our passive system into another dimensions because our grid acts same in every point so by giving some points more potential, we would challenge our grid.

By entering second system, it makes depth with its inward and outward lines.

And rising the amount of second system it could influence whole first system by turning from object to field.

The next step was to bring our illustrations into third dimension so by imagining our grid like cubic repetitive structure and start to bombard them like how the rockets hit the building we may have new system that is the consequence of interaction of two systems.


Hooman Talebi

Hooman Talebi

Principal at MARZ Architecture, Academic Director at CAA School of Architecture

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