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Juxtaposition of programs


studying on programs and combining them with each like how from A and B we can produce C which has the features of both A and B but defines totally different behavior from itself.
Different programs are happing in Renzo Pianos building if we look from section, level by level like most of the buildings; Hermes shop, offices, Galleries, workshops and roof garden at the top of it.
Thinking about combining the programs we come up with concept of Ferris wheel after many attempts.
As Ferris wheel goes round and round in its section it gave us interesting results from putting it in section of building and see how it takes a part of different levels and take them to another spaces.
Like imagine part of roof garden comes to office level and people can go and smoke.


Hooman Talebi

Hooman Talebi

Principal at MARZ Architecture, Academic Director at CAA School of Architecture

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